Witness – The Mobile Stealth Unit; antenna, process filter, generator and transmitter. Boom-Biff – Boom-Biff – Bap 8-bit talking drums, fat tree stump speakers sending a signal frequency of which there is only the dynamics of feeling and not words or sounds. Felt again and remembered. Dub tensions and release. An architecture of continuous fragmentation. There they were rockin’ hacked hearing aids with remote control processors and dumb, double wide smiles. They look like they’re listening to you, but fer real, in their ears, it is you sounding like the teacher from Peanuts sucking helium. Good Luck. Black Noise. Hence the smile, intoxicated with witnessing the world as a sample data input. Re-encoding a complex presence of phase relations and harmonics.

– Journal entry 794001, Betty Mann Chronicles / Beth Coleman & Howard Goldkrand


Hailing from Fish.Cloud, a small planet nestled on the outer reaches of our galaxy, Mr. Cloud has been sent to Earth with a simple – yet quite specific – purpose: to document and archive the human environment. Focusing on the abundant minutiaes that surround us everyday, his extensive journals revel in the sights and sounds that comprise our visual and aural sensory inputs. Distorted by his alien perspective and morphed into unknown shapes and sounds by his observational technologies, his findings are to be re-posted here at Fish.Cloud for all to see…a multi-hued bricolage that serves as a mirrored image of the thoroughfares and spaces we inhabit each day.

Having bestowed the task of keeping this site current upon Dan Lisowski and Carl Ritger, two denizens of Earth known for their experiments in sound and art, Mr. Cloud continues to carry on his merry way in order to provide you, the wonderful reader, with a sampling of all things aesthetically magical at healthy, regular intervals.


* all materials c + p 2008-2009 Fish.Cloud, Inc. unless otherwise specified *


2 Responses to “a.bout”

  1. Z Man said

    I can’t wait for that zine to pounce on NYC.

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